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This is a terrific way to learn about bourbon regions, styles, distilling, and the distilling  industry, and for all levels of bourbon knowledge. With bourbon there is a lot to learn, so we keep the topics and content true, new, and exciting. This is a class to take with a family member or friend.  We will be tasting products of every sort at every class, and we will show you how to expectorate (spit out) and taste the products in an insightful way. Many of the classes will involve a guest speaker, a visit by a knowledgeable representative of the industry.  Twenty (20) spots available. Participants must be 21 years old. This is a casual and no stress class. Please, do not wear perfume or heavily scented skin products.


InstructorVaries each week
Dates:             Mondays beginning April 23 for 5  weeks, ending on Saturday June 2
Time:           6-7:15 pm
Materials: No materials. Students are responsible for bringing themselves to as many of the classes as  possible. The last class is on a Saturday.
Location: Capital Cellars, 227 W. Broadway, Frankfort KY,  40601 502-352-2600
Course Fee: $135 (includes one Glencairn glass to use for the class),

Plus Optional Bourbon Steward Certification through the Stave and Thief Society. $100 fee for certification testing.       


Monday April 23
“Tasting Bourbon: Intro to spirits, tasting and types ”
Speaker: Rachael Peake, Capital Cellars, and Tony Menenchella, certified Spirits Specialist, Central KY Spirits Consulting

Monday April 30
“Spirits 102: This That and Interesting Others”, tasting of Cognac, Armagnac, 
Aged rum, Gin, Tequila.
Speaker:  Tony Menenchella, Certified Spirits Specialist, Central KY Spirits Consulting

Monday May 7
“Pre and During Prohibition, and Forgotten Distilleries an archaeologist viewpoint”
Speaker:    Nicolas Laracuente, Bourbon Archaeologist                    

Monday May 14
“The Essentials, the history, styles and varietals” BT, HH, JB, FR, WT, TB
Speaker and Tasting TBA

Monday May 21
“Craft and Rectified, Past and Future- status of the business
Speaker:  Pilar Zeglin, Sales and Marketing, Chas Seligman

Saturday June 2, 10am – 4pm  Bourbon Master Course.
Optional Bourbon Steward Certification  through the Stave and Thief Society. $100 fee for testing. John Coffee


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